I’m tentatively calling this new artwork VINES. But are they vines, or do they look more like fronds or ivy? Or garlands? Or seaweed for that matter? Whatever the name,  I’m really excited about this new design. It pairs nicely with my PETALS and FLOURISH patterns and will look great on paper or melamine plates, mugs and paper goods.

(All products shown are mock-ups. This art is available for licensing.)

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Counting Sheep

I think sheep are funny. I found myself drawing one a couple weeks ago and then a second one and a third and before I knew it there was a small flock of them on my screen. They stayed there happily until I could figure out what to do with them. Turns out they’re Counting Sheep, with a kid’s bedroom being their preferred habitat, where they can teach counting skills while helping a little one fall asleep. Paired with a colorful coordinating striped rug, they would create a bright cheerful room. Beware of Sheep #5 though, I think he might eat your socks if you leave them lying about.

These sheep would be equally happy on a set of notebooks for school. One for Math, two for English, three for geography… you get the idea.

(All products shown are mock-ups. Counting Sheep is available for licensing in all categories.)