Flowers in Abundance

I’ve had a number of requests for floral designs lately. Maybe it has do with the brutal winter we’re having — I know I’m ready to start thinking about spring. I haven’t done alot of florals in the past so this has been an interesting challenge. It’s not that I don’t like florals, on the contrary. But since florals are such a popular and enduring theme for artists and designers I just wasn’t sure what I could bring to the party. But once I got going I had a lot of fun working with flowers. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve been working on.

(All products shown are mock-ups. Artwork is available for licensing.)

Cutting Garden by Kris Ruff-blog

Wild Flowers by Kris Ruff-blogPoppies by Kris Ruff-blogLazy Daisy by Kris Ruff-Blog

Toning it Down

It has been a busy few weeks since my last post. I’ve been working with a couple great companies developing new products that will be on store shelves this spring. Among them will be a line of coffee mugs (40 different mugs in all!) as well as my first quilting fabric collection. I look forward to showing them off as soon as I get samples.

In the mean time, I wanted to share a different look. The last couple posts featured lots of bright colors, which I love, but sometimes a more subtle color palette is just what you need. Warm greys and muted tones add a level of sophistication to products like accessories. And table settings in subtle hues are so versatile and allow your meal to take center stage.

While this monotone look may not have the same punch as more colorful options,  I don’t think you’ll find it boring either.

(All products shown are mock-ups and the artwork is available for licensing.)

Beach Bags ©2013 Kris Ruff Grey Placesettings 2 ©2013 Kris Ruff Grey Messenger bags ©2013 Kris Ruff Grey placesettings 1 ©2013 Kris Ruff

Boys’ Bedding

I think boys are under served when it comes to their bedrooms. When decorating my son’s room, I found the available bedding choices mostly limited to basic stripes and plaids along with sports, dinosaur and transportation themes. So what do you choose for a brainy, creative kid who’s not interested in sports and has out-grown T. Rex and fire trucks? How about some playful patterns in boyish colors that would appeal to a boy’s creative side and last through his teen years. Below are some of my ideas. So if you know anyone in the bedding business, please send them my way!

(All products shown are mock-ups. This art is available for licensing.)





There’s a great little neighborhood bar and grill near my house called The Chatterbox Pub. One side of the restaurant is a lounge area with sofas and coffee tables where you can relax, enjoy a drink and play the vintage board games they have on hand. The whole place is decorated with vintage artifacts and I think these pillows would fit right in.

Hence, this new pattern is dubbed Chatterbox. Besides pillows, this pattern would look great on placemats, kitchen towels and bedding.

(All products shown are mock-ups. Chatterbox is available for licensing in all categories.)


In Love with Black and White

What is it about black and white? How is it that something so basic, so lacking in color can also look fresh, sophisticated and new? It’s a mystery to me. But when you consider the boldness of a Keith Haring design at one end of the spectrum and the amazing subtleties of an Ansel Adams photo on the other it seems like the potential for black and white is endless.

(All products shown are mock-ups. This art is available for licensing in all categories.)



Introducing Mezo. It’s a very intricate repeat pattern with hints of Mayan and Aztec carvings. It lends itself really well to upholstery and pillows. I can imagine it as upholstery in an upscale restaurant, especially one featuring Latin cuisine. It would look great in a silk or other fabric with a sheen.Image

Note: All products shown are mock-ups. This artwork is available for licensing in all categories.


My newest pattern. I’m calling it Syncopation because it has a jazz music feel and some of the elements look like abstracted musical notes. It’d look great on purses, clothing, especially men’s shirts, as well as paper goods like notebooks, journal, etc.  syncopation-products-for-blogNote: All products shown are mock-ups. This artwork is available for licensing in all categories.


Whatzit Collection

The Whatzit pattern would be perfect for kid’s bedroom! It’s zany, lively and fun — and depending on the colorway it would look great in a boys’ room or a girl’s room. Here it is in turquoise, lavender and lime (colors officially approved by my 11-year old daughter!) with coordinating fabrics and icons for accessory products.Whatzit-lime-COLLECTION