I’m tentatively calling this new artwork VINES. But are they vines, or do they look more like fronds or ivy? Or garlands? Or seaweed for that matter? Whatever the name,  I’m really excited about this new design. It pairs nicely with my PETALS and FLOURISH patterns and will look great on paper or melamine plates, mugs and paper goods.

(All products shown are mock-ups. This art is available for licensing.)

Layout 1Image

2 thoughts on “Vines”

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    My goodness……your “pot” is never empty! Vines….yes! For me they are definitely vines….and they do pair nicely with PETALS and FLOURISH.


  2. Rosie Posey
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    Your ‘vines’ remind me of an underwater view of kelp beds! So, seaweed gets my vote. Lovely either way though!

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