To Be or Not to Be Trendy

When you’re creating surface designs, do you follow trends or just do your own thing? 

As creative people, most of us probably prefer doing our own thing. And that’s cool because it’s what makes our art unique. But being aware of colors and trends can increase art sales/licenses. 


You shouldn’t follow every trend, but when one comes along that suits your style, it’s not a bad idea to jump aboard, especially if it means minor alterations to existing art or tweaking your color palettes. 


How to keep up with trends There are many sources for surface design trend reports, some are very expensive, but you can find ones that are free too. You could start with Patternbank and Premierevision. (Click on "Trends" in menu.)
Surface Design Trends (You'll find Trends under the "Magazine" heading.")

What if you don’t design for fashion? That’s okay, it’s still good to be aware of fashion trends because whatever is currently on the runway eventually trickles down into home decor and other markets. 


More Free Resources  If you sell your art on any Print-on-Demand websites (like Society 6 or Redbubble) make sure to sign up for their newsletters. They  sometimes highlight current and upcoming trends.


Skillshare Class Recommendation  Cat Coquillette has a great Skillshare class full of trend forecasting information. You’ll find it here.




Kris Ruff


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