Repeat Patterns in Adobe Illustrator

Learn the simplest, most effective ways to make, edit and export repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator!


“What a fabulous class! I love how Kris distills a complicated program like Illustrator down into bite-sized pieces.”   — DEBRA GOULD Debra Gould Studio

“So easy to follow! Love her style of teaching!” – MONICA ROMAN

“Kris’s classes that make my life and workflow SO much happier! Thanks so much!”  – LIZZIE CLARK

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Mockup Academy

There’s nothing like seeing your artwork come to life on products. Learn how to make digital product mockups with Mockup Academy — the most complete series of mockup tutorials you’ll find anywhere, filled with the absolute best tips and techniques.

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“One of my favorite fast classes. I liked this class because I was taught a bit different way to do mock-ups and this is more organized to how my brain thinks. Getting different perspectives on a task that can be done a few ways is pleasing to me. The teacher is very clear, offers suggestions based on anticipated questions and does not assume that someone knows the keyboard shortcuts after the first time she says them. A true teacher who reinforces the skill. I will take more classes from this teacher.” — CHRISTIE B.

“This was a great class! I have tried to teach myself to make mockups, but this class truly made me understand how it works and how to make them look professional. Definitely recommend it, Kris’ explanations are clear and easy to follow, making it a pleasure to learn from her.” — ALICIA M.

“Easy to follow, nice graphics. I will be watching the rest of the classes.” — AMANDA BIERBAUM
“I really enjoyed this class. I have created the odd mockup before, but that didn’t stop me from watching Kris’s class, and I’m glad I did. Even though I use Affinity Designer rather than Illustrator, I still found the techniques in this class applicable, and I learned something new. Sure you can buy mockups, or find freebie downloads somewhere, but nothing beats the satisfaction of creating your own mockups from scratch, and if that’s your goal, this class is a great place to start. Thank you Kris for sharing your techniques.” — CHRIS HEATH
“Great class…thank you! I’ve taken other classes creating product mock-ups however this was the very first time I learned about using ‘Art Folders’ with masking. A game changer for me!” — SAND OEI

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Introduces the basic concept of making mockups quickly and easily, including an efficient way to set up your Photoshop layers and how to distort your art to fit your object.

Learn how to use the distort and warp tools for creating curved mockups like mugs, bowls, lampshades, bottles, etc.


What the heck is a Smart Object? It’s a special kind of Photoshop layer used for creating multiple mockups from the same template. They can be confusing at first, but this class makes them simple and easy to understand.

Learn a simple, effective technique for adding highlights and shadows that make your mockups look ultra-realistic. And it’s not just for shiny objects! Almost every mockup looks better with extra highlights and shadows.

This class is full of great tips for making wallpaper and wall decor mockups fit naturally into any room setting. Plus, you’ll learn basic retouching skills for editing your base photos.

Learn how to use Photoshop’s Puppet Warp tool to make patterns look like they’re following the contours of your fabric mockups. I’ll demonstrate on apparel, but the techniques work on any fabric mockup.

6 Simple Tips for Making Better Mockups

Get this fully-illustrated 13-page PDF filled with tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere — not even in Mockup Academy classes! You’ll learn how to choose the best photos for mockups, how to use contrast to make your mockups look more realistic, plus examples of how color and scale impacts your final product. 

The best part — It’s FREE! And when you sign up, you’ll also get mockup tips in your inbox once or twice a month.