There’s nothing like seeing your artwork come to life on products. The easiest way to do that is with digital mockups! 

I created Mockup Academy to make it simple to learn how to make them. It’s the most comprehensive collection of mockup tutorials you’ll find anywhere and once you learn some simple tricks and techniques you’ll find that making product mockups is easy and fun! Get started right now by watching Lesson One!

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Introduces the basic concept of making mockups quickly and easily, including an efficient way to set up your Photoshop layers and how to distort your art to fit your object.

Learn how to use the distort and warp tools for creating curved mockups like mugs, bowls, lampshades, bottles, etc.

What the heck is a Smart object? It’s a special kind of Photoshop layer that’s really useful for making mockups. Confusing? Sometimes, but I’ll make smart objects easy to understand.

Learn a simple, effective technique for adding highlights and shadows that make your mockups look ultra-realistic.

Includes lots of great tips for making wallpaper and wall decor mockups fit naturally into any room setting. Plus, learn basic retouching skills for editing your base photos.

Learn how to use Photoshop’s Puppet Warp tool to make patterns look like they’re following the contours of your fabric mockups. I’ll demonstrate on apparel, but the techniques work on any fabric mockup.

6 Simple Tips for Making Better Mockups

Get this fully-illustrated 13-page PDF filled with tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere — not even in Mockup Academy classes! You’ll learn how to choose the best photos for mockups, how to use contrast to make your mockups look more realistic, plus examples of how color and scale impacts your final product. 

The best part — It’s FREE! And when you sign up, you’ll also get mockup tips in your inbox once or twice a month.

NEW CLASS! Repeat Patterns in Adobe Illustrator

My newest Skillshare Class starts with the very basics of pattern-making and includes everything you need to know about creating repeat patterns. This class is the pre-cursor to my upcoming design course Surface Pattern Playbook. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Traditional Method for Making Repeat Patterns
  • How to Use Illustrator’s Powerful Pattern Tool
  • Techniques for Editing Simple & Complex Patterns
  • How to Create Half-Drop & Brick Repeats
  • Tips for Working with Pattern-filled Shapes
  • How to Set Up your Files for Clients
  • A Fool-proof Method for Exporting your Patterns

You’ll find Repeat Patterns in Adobe Illustrator on